Ken Kasten


Ken Kasten Fine Art has become the capstone to a life of creativity. A carpenter as a young man, later designer/builder, the transition into artist was very natural for Ken.

"I've always had an ability to communicate through my hands. Each piece of art begins as a vague concept, then through a concentrated process it is refined into a one of a kind presentation."

"The challenge of sculpture is blending the perfect balance of proportion, weight, and shape to captivate interest from every perspective."

Ken is gaining recognition in the art world with his unique modern abstract style. He has won several awards for his works, and is currently on display in Scottsdale and Tucson Arizona, and Marin County California. His public art installations can be seen in Prescott Arizona, in the Phoenix area, and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Collectors of his artwork span the country from the east coast to Hawaii.